Slice House, affordable passive urban house, Studio ST architects

Slice House

Sustainable, Affordable Housing
Atlanta, Georgia

The Slice House is a comfortable, low cost, hybrid-fabricated, family home. The house is an extruded box from which slices were cut to reduce the its size respond to functional needs and sculpt spaces. A dramatic slice in the front of the house conceals the carport from the street. A second large opposing slice on the south side create a covered sun deck. The slices create spaces simple in their design and materials yet spatially intriguing.

The house is made of simple materials and exploits their inherent beauty. It is hybridly fabricated, with the central elements prefabricated and assembled on site over a locally poured concrete base which literally and figuratively anchors the home its location. The lower level is a combination of exposed concrete floors, white GWB walls, a minimal kitchen cabinets, large glass windows and a few accents of bamboo wood for the short flight of stairs to the kitchen and the coat closet doors.

Low winter sunlight enters the large south windows of the great room, heating the concrete floor and moderating temperature changes throughout the day. The high summer sun is blocked by the large roof overhang, allowing the thermal mass to keep the house cool. A Photovoltaic (PV) panel system can be added to further reduce energy consumption.