interior of library for new media and boos, innovation library deisgn


With dzo Architecture
Book and New Media Library
Carnoux-en-Provence, France

The mediatheque project celebrates the spectrum of available information – from printed books to digital media and computerized information retrieval systems. Contemporary libraries are often compsed of independent shelving grids within a room, in contrast to the traditional library where the bookshelves wrap around the room to create a reading space. The mediatheque returns to the traditional library concept without separation between the walls and the books. A compressed and folded bookshelf strip defines spaces for adults, children, reading, lectures, and offices. It acts both as a storage space and a structural wall. The wall was constructed by stacking glass and concrete blocks, creating uncertain spatial boundaries. in more translucent areas, it acts as a retrieval device for digital information, allowing visitors to interact with information though the structure.