Tel Aviv Art Museum New Wing

With dzo Architecture
Shaul Hamelech Boulevard
Tel Aviv, Israel

Our proposal for the new wing of the Tel Aviv Art Museum is based on a series of ramps connecting the existing floor level with the different site elevations. A simple diagram of ramps and galleries was twisted and stacked to fit the difficult site conditions, creating a complex yet easily comprehensible form that weaves together old and new, site and building, art and everyday life. The visitor can choose from two circulation systems: ramps leading through the entire collection and telling the story intended by the curators, or an alternative concrete-core vertical system with direct access to each gallery. The latter are reminiscent of the existing building, harmonizing movement in the old building with the more fluid sequence of galleries in the new wing. Two elongated atria emerge from the shifting and overlapping of the galleries. They cross the volume of the museum and sculpt the negative space.