“Leadership and decisiveness are exactly what SAR implemented in its reopening strategies. Administrators there are relying on a few of the city’s proposals — and they’re adding a few modifications of their own.

That’s because administrators know SAR will not look the same as it did before the pandemic. And they brought on two architects to make renovations that would make the schools safer.

According to Hila Stern, one of the architects in charge of the SAR renovations, there were several factors to consider. While the goal was to make the schools safer, Stern didn’t want to make any permanent changes that wouldn’t also be beneficial post-pandemic.

“Even though we’re doing them now because (of) recommendations we got for the pandemic — for example, upgrading the HVAC system or upgrading the bathrooms — all of the things that we’re changing in the building are things that we think are actually going to be very effective in the long run,” Stern said. “We’re investing in something that we actually think will better the school even after, hopefully, we get out of this situation.” read more