Mentoring Women Seminar


From the Women in Architecture Website:

“Esther will share thought on the unique collaborative process that is central to the work of an architect and how it fosters creativity. Relational Psychoanalysis shows that each of us is comprised of multiple selves, and we become who we are through bringing these selves to our interactions with others. We discover ourselves through our relations to those around.

“With this idea in mind, Esther strives to create an environment in which each of the many participants in the design and building process can voice and share the many sides of themselves, bring their unique strength and knowledge. Starting her own firm, Studio ST Architects, allowed Esther to curate her work environment and to choose to work with client, consultants, employees and contractors who appreciate being part of a joint process and willing to evolve as the result of the collaboration.

“From psychoanalysis and architectural practice Esther brings all of her different selves to each building project, and that being a woman, a mother, an immigrant, a shabbat observer, all of which seemed like obstacles at one time, are in fact assets that help her become a better person and a better architect.”

Women in Architecture Claire Weisz, Nancy Kleppel, Esther Sperber

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