Synagogue Design

Synagogue design and synagogue renovations are unique projects. They require a careful balancing of a community’s unique needs, a tight budget, and scheduling constraints. At Studio ST Architects we have decades of experience working with communities and understand the nuances of different styles and services.

Duplex Architect

Duplex apartments provide a unique opportunity to create a comfortable home within the dense urban city. With spaces on multiple floors, it is possible to separate the public entertaining spaces from the private bedroom areas of a duplex home. Duplexes also present challenges that require specific experience. Studio ST Architects have completed renovations of many existing and combined duplex homes.

Multi-family Housing Design

Studio ST Architects is currently designing a 20,000 square foot apartment building for a developer. We enjoy working with smaller residential builders to create unique, boutique-like, residential buildings. While the construction methods are simple the design is sophisticated.  We strive to add value and create beautiful homes to fit the market and attract the best renters and buyers.

Interior Renovations

Every apartment is unique and so is each family. Apartment renovations, apartment combinations, and gut-renovations are opportunities to tailor your home to fit your needs while keeping in mind practical considerations and resale value. Studio ST Architects has two decades of experience working directly with apartment owners and new buyers to create their dream homes. Renovating in Manhattan can be stressful and expensive. With our many years of experience, we promise to guide our clients along this journey and assist them in the process. We feel proud of our clients’ and colleagues’ excellent reviews of working with us.