Synagogue Design

Synagogue architecture and synagogue renovations are unique projects. They require a careful balancing of a community’s unique needs, a tight budget, and scheduling constraints. Each congregation has a specific prayer practice and denominational affiliation. At Studio ST Architects we have decades of experience working with Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Renewal congregations and understand the nuances of different styles and services. We have worked closely with Rabbis, boards of trustees, and volunteer committees to design sanctuaries that fit each Kehilah including unique designs for the Aron (ark), Bemah (reading table), Amud (lectern), Ner Tamid (eternal light), and Mechitza (partition).

We have gained extensive experience putting in place systems to make synagogues safe and secure from violent attacks.

We believe that when designing a meaningful spiritual space it is important to balance an experience of personal, intimate spirituality with a sense of a shared communal Teffila Betzibur (communal prayer), incorporating uplifting beauty with an ethical commitment to accessibility and sustainability.

Synagogue Architecture:

Skokie Valley Synagogue
Ansche Chesed Synagogue
Kesher Synagogue
Hudson Yards Synagogue
Fort Tryon Jewish Center
Youth Center – WSIS