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Published: e-architects e-architect published Studio ST Architect’s design for Micro homes for essential workers. We proposed to build these homes in central urban locations utilizing the void spaces that some Manhattan luxury condominiums are building in order to increase building heights and sell units on higher floors. We demonstrate the increased density when converting huge apartments into smaller units. “New York City is a financial, intellectual, and innovative center. We now see that its strength depends not only on its financial stability and profit margins but also on its ability to withstand catastrophic unexpected events. It is our moral responsibility […] Read More


Published: Architect Magazine “MicroPolis is a proposal for a new housing typology of micro-homes in metropolitan centers. It is a modular system of prefabricated, energy-efficient and cost-effective micro-homes that can be installed in already built empty urban spaces. The number of units and their organization will be adapted to the buildings in which they will be deployed. Each unit is 270 square feet and features an ADA bathroom, queen size bed, kitchen and living/working space. The staggering of the units creates a push-and-pull relation, generating balconies for most units. Large public outdoor terraces provide social and co-working spaces, and safe place […] Read More


What can we learn from the Covid 19 pandemic about the housing crisis, urban resilience, and the importance of community? “If we learned anything during this pandemic it is that humanity is deeply intertwined. We thrive together and we fall ill together. The pandemic has also exposed the inequities in our society. It is unacceptable that the communities that kept our city working – frontline and essential workers – also suffer the most and received the least support.” I wanted to share my 15-minute video in which I discuss this issue and propose creating affordable micro-homes in the vacant floors of Manhattan luxury condominiums. I’d love […] Read More

Originally published on Archinect “At the end of February, a surprising decision by a state judge revoked the approval for the top 20 floors of 200 Amsterdam Avenue, a market-rate, luxury, residential building on the Upper West Side in New York.  “The developers amassed air rights, using a zoning loophole to create a 39-sided lot. While the city clarified that these zoning lots will no longer be allowed, it nevertheless sided with the developer to challenge this ruling. Despite the zoning gerrymandering that went into the design and approval of the 52-story building, few would have imagined that after receiving the required […] Read More