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Esther Sperber spoke to Haley Duggins at Nearly One-Fourth, a podcast that features women in the architectural field. The podcast episode covers everything from Esther’s experience working at I. M. Pei’s office to designing inclusive spaces, such as all-gender bathrooms. Esther discusses how she balances her time designing and running a business, as well as creative ways to address security in synagogue spaces.

“It’s been a really interesting, fun and challenging experience having my own business,” Esther says about starting Studio ST Architects. “Initially it was just me. But slowly we got bigger projects, and I hired people. Then you get into new challenges. Some of them have to do with just running a business. Some of them have to do with more complicated architecture. Some of them has to do with learning how to work with staff, how to mentor them, how to give people enough space to grow and to be creative.”

You can listen to the episode below or on Nearly One-Fourth’s website.

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