New York, NY

MicroPolis is a proposal for a new housing typology of micro-homes in metropolitan centers. It is a modular system of prefabricated, energy-efficient and cost-effective micro-homes that can be installed in already built empty urban spaces. Each 270-sq.-ft. unit features an ADA bathroom, queen-size bed, kitchen and living/working space. The staggering of the units creates a push-and-pull relation, generating balconies for most units. Large public outdoor terraces provide social and co-working spaces and safe places for children to play.

Reusing built spaces has environmental advantages: it conserves materials and resources, lowers carbon footprint, and brings old, energy-inefficient buildings up to the current code.

MicroPolis helps the city achieve a more equitable landscape. Installing these complexes in wealthier neighborhoods and business districts improves living standards for communities of color, immigrant groups, and low- to middle-income families. MicroPolis celebrates the city’s diversity by increasing equity and valuing the range of people needed to make the city thrive. Adding affordable housing units throughout the city’s higher-end neighborhoods makes New York City more integrated, resilient, and equitable.

This competition entry was one of five finalists for the Architizer A+ Awards.

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