Jews, Women, Architects. At The Same Time

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Published: Lilith Magazine

Studio ST Architects’ Kesher Synagogue design project was featured in the article “Jews, Women, Architects. At The Same Time,” published in Lilith Magazine. Much of the design inspiration for Kesher Synagogue came from founding architect Esther Sperber’s Jewish heritage. Sperber used the community’s name, which means connection or knot, as well as the Talmud, to guide her design of the space. The new sanctuary is conceptualized as continuous space accessible by all, with a flexible configuration that can mold to a variety of different layouts in order to accommodate for various programs of different sizes and formats.

The article continues to discuss the low proportion of women in the architecture field, the relationship between Judaism and architecture, and the challenges of work-life balance female Jewish architects face.

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Lilith Magazine
By: Melissa Tapper Goldman