Studio ST Architects is a Manhattan-based, woman-owned, architecture firm with a focus on innovative, sustainable and responsible design. This includes synagogue architecture, multifamily housing design and interior design; ranging from apartment combinations and renovations to duplex architecture.

Our award-winning firm, founded by Esther Sperber in 2003, has unique expertise in architecture and psychology, which we use to create buildings that enhance inclusion, human interaction and expand the range of positive experiences within communities. Our deep understanding of these fields enables us to listen carefully and design new buildings and renovate existing spaces that resonate with people, inspire and connect them.

With over two decades of experience, we put our values at the heart or our design. Whether clients are looking for a synagogue architect, duplex design or multifamily architect, we strive to collaborate with them and our partners to guide them through an enjoyable design and construction process. Studio ST is committed to combining cutting edge technology and creative design with exploring affordable, sustainable options, as well as designing high-end residential renovations. We love designing institutional and community spaces including synagogues, spaces for worship, community centers and schools and find this work to be deeply meaningful and inspiring. We are also considered to be one of the best apartment architects in NYC, with more than two decades of experience of combining and renovating apartments and duplexes.

Studio ST Architects’ work has been published in numerous magazines, media and podcasts around the world. Studio ST was chosen by Wallpaper magazines as one of the “World’s 50 Hottest Young Architectural Firms” and the Swell House was selected by Architectural Record as “Best Unbuilt house”.

Esther Sperber

Her essays have been published in the New York Times, the Huffington Post and the Jewish week among others. She has been invited to lecture at universities including Harvard, Yale, Yeshiva University and SVA. She has presented at the annual conference of the American Psychoanalysis Associations and American Institute of Architects.


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Synagogue Design

Synagogue design and synagogue architectural renovations are unique projects. They require a careful balancing of a community's unique needs, a tight budget, and scheduling constraints. Studio ST Architects understands the complexities of synagogue architecture and works in partnership with the communities and congregation to create beautiful and accessible spaces.

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Duplex Architect

Duplex apartments provide a unique opportunity to create the feeling of a house within the city. We have extensive experience with duplex design and duplex architecture, including obtaining approval from condominium and co-op boards, the Department of Buildings (DOB), and the Landmarks and Preservation Commission (LPC). We offer an initial free consultation to clients considering buying a duplex and undergoing a duplex combination or duplex renovation.

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Multifamily Housing Design

Studio ST Architects has extensive experience as multifamily architects. We enjoy working with smaller residential developers and builders to create boutique-style residential buildings, with a focus on creating unique indoor and outdoor spaces that meet the budget, schedule and long-term profitability goals of the owner. While the construction methods can be simple, the design is always sophisticated and inclusive.

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Interior Renovation and Apartment Combinations

Every apartment is different and so is each family. Apartment renovations, apartment combinations, and gut-renovations are opportunities to tailor homes to fit clients’ needs. We keep in mind practical considerations, budget and resale value. Studio ST Architects has over twenty years of experience as architects, working with apartment owners and new buyers to create their dream homes.