Studio ST is a Manhattan-based,
woman-owned, architecture firm
with focus in innovative responsible
design that enhance sustainable
design and production.

Studio ST Architects’ work has been published in numerous magazines and monographs around the world. Studio ST was chosen by Wallpaper magazines as one of the world “World’s 50 Hottest Young Architectural Firms”and the Swell House was selected by Architectural Record as “Best Unbuilt house”.

We believe in innovative responsible design we use cutting edge computer technologies to enhance sustainable design and production. Studio ST is committed to exploring low budget, creative, green designs as well as high-end residential interiors.

Esther Sperber

Writes and lectures on architecture and psychoanalysis, two fields of praxis that strive to reduce human distress and widen the range of human experience.

Recent News


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Synagogue Design

Synagogue design and synagogue architectural renovations are unique projects. They require a careful balancing of a community's unique needs, a tight budget, and scheduling constraints. Studio ST Architects has decades of experience in synagogue architecture, working with communities to create beautiful and accessible prayer spaces.

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Duplex Architect

Duplex apartments provide a unique opportunity to create homes within the city. We have extensive experience with duplex design, and duplex architecture including getting approval from condominium and co-op boards, the Department of Buildings (DOB), and the Landmarks and Preservation Commission( LPC). We offer an initial free consultation to clients considering buying a duplex and undergoing a duplex combination or duplex renovation.

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Multi-family Housing Design

Studio ST Architects is currently designing a 20,000 square foot apartment building for an independent developer. Our experience as Multifamily Architects has been rewarding. We enjoy working with smaller residential builders to create unique and boutique-like residential buildings. While the construction methods are simple the design is sophisticated.

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Interior Renovation and Apartment Combinations

Every apartment is unique and so is each family. Apartment renovations, apartment combinations, and gut-renovations are opportunities to tailor your home to fit your needs while keeping in mind practical considerations, the budget and resale value. Studio ST Architects has two decades of experience as architects, working with apartment owners and new buyers to create their dream homes.